Piódão, Portugal

I love my country. Portugal has nice weather, beautiful beaches, refreshing mountains and very tasty food. For us, its perfect for a weekend getaway, so in the beggining of this month we deccided to go to Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain in Continental Portugal. But first, we went to Serra do Açor for a short visit to Piódão.


Piódão is a smal place near Arganil and its a popupar tourist attraction manly for Portuguese people. House are made from schist as it was the only material available in the region. Despite of the rain, we had a fantastic time there. For lunch we went to “Solar dos Pachecos” where we enjoyed cheese, chorizo, blood sausage, olives and different kinds of bread. Our children had hot dogs and ometele with fries.

After the fantastic meal we drove to Fundão where we spent the night. We watched the news and realized that it would be difficult to reach the highest point at Serra da Estrela – Torre – because of the heavy snow, but we were determined to make the most of our weekend.


44 thoughts on “Piódão, Portugal

  1. Not only i like your country , but I also LOVE it!
    I visited Portugal some years ago , fell in love with Lisboa , obviously , and with other beautiful towns , as Coimbra , Porto , etc….
    I’d like to come back soon to visit villages like this one , met their habits , customs and FOOD!!!

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  2. Hello Passaporte no bolso! Thank you for liking our YouTube video and blog post on “Do You Recognize this Place? – Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce, California” Your blog post on Portugal is wonderful and we enjoyed watching your video also. What a beautiful country!

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  3. OMG, that place really looms awesome, I had planned to go there while I was Erasmus in Porto, but the weather wasn’t really the best one, and I choose to do another route. Now I regret 😣.
    Hope you had a great time there 😀

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